Christopher (cjdoyle) wrote in minimizer,

Some updates

Haven't updated this log in forever.

Anyway, due to the recent begging, I've added some new parts into the Minimizer.

- "I Love Demonspawn" t-shirt
- New York Yankees hat
- A t-shirt with the "blurry Bela" photo on it
- CYCLONE shirt for a project the donator is working on.
- Cat Ears (hats)
- Cat Tails (Capes)
- Wedding Outfits (Designed from a photo sent in by the donator. This is not your standard tux-n-veil set, but rather a gorgeous Thai set. The man's outfit is an (existing) all-white outfit with a new sash layer, the woman's is a two-piece dress, with the tops in the torso area and a matching floor-length bottom in the legs section.)
- A LEGO train-theme logo T-shirt

Remember, a $10 donation towards Bela's vet bills will get you the custom part you've always wanted to see.
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