Christopher (cjdoyle) wrote in minimizer,

15 new parts, plus extra tweaky goodness

Just uploaded 2.18

New parts include:
  • Magnifying Glass (Donation part)
  • Euphonium (Donation part - probably my most challenging part to date)
  • Palm Pilot (Donation part)
  • Nurse Torso (Donation part)
  • Solid Red Background (Donation item)
  • Flames Background
  • New "aqua" color for torsos, arms, legs, short sleeves
  • Hospital Scrubs in both male and female versions
  • Wolverine's Gloves with Claws (In the handheld stuff section)

    The tweaks included fixing some alignment issues on the arms and legs, and fixing the "Mind trick Saber in the Randomizer Bug".

    I also completely reworked the "Spock/Elf Ear" hair items so that the ears now match the selected "skin tone" instead of staying yellow.
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